Mission, Vision and Values


We have always been driven by our core values. They form the very reason for our existence and sustenance. We believe in :

Customer Focus

Whatever we do, we owe them to the clients. We deeply understand our clients and their needs and are committed to offer exceptional services to them,


We understand that your business is in our hands and it would extend beyond our personal interests, thoughts and limitation.


We stand by our mission, vision and values, with absolutely no compromise on righteousness, honesty and fairness.


We do follow footsteps, but also strive to create our own. Learning is always a thrilling experience for us; if we can do it better than what is already defined, why not?


We are open to criticism, feedback and suggestions from all the stakeholders, as we know that makes us better.

Team Work

There is no place for 'I', it's always We.


The mission of our company is to be a global software testing consultancy, delivering superior quality analysis and quality control services, training in testing techniques and methodologies, offering solutions and processes in a manner best suited to the market.


The vision of our company is to advocate and exploit the various horizons and facets of software quality worldwide to a network of partners, through a team that pledges commitment, customer satisfaction, novelty, cost-effectiveness and leadership.